Meet the “Delinquent State”

While the Venezuelan reader gets to read these lines, there is a parallel and illegal State surrounding him, hidden inside the one that can be seen. It lives of the official State, it corrupts it, it’s a parasite, it perverts it and takes advantage of it to traffic with drugs, guns, raw resources and human beings, to steal and scam, to kidnap, extort or murder. This secret State is stronger and probable just as rich.

It’s about a network imbibed in the State, very proficient in its procedures, with state-of-the-art technology and ties with the organized crime of the whole world. Therein exists a Delinquent State.

Carlos Tablante, former governor of Aragua State and former Anti-drugs minister, and Marcos Tarre, public safety specialist, joined efforts for a unique book in Venezuela, in which it is explained, as never before, the way the traditional corrupts, traffickers and murderers work together in a huge enterprise of the illicit that is making harder, or destroying, the lives of all and the future of Venezuela.